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Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD005071
Shimano XT M8000 XC Race PedalsThese Shimano XT M8000 XC Race Pedals are designed to take the rigours of off-road competition whilst also being perfect for cross-country trail riding. Lightweight and robust, these SPD race pedals have an easy entry system with customisable tension so you can tailor ..
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Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD005069
Shimano R550 SPD-SL Clipless Road PedalsThese Shimano R550 SPD-SL Clipless Road Pedals offer a lot of performance at an entry-level price point. Designed with a low profile, these SPD-SL cleats are easy to clip into and provide a stable platform to push power through your bike's transmission. At onl..
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Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD005067
Shimano M520 Clipless SPD MTB PedalsThese cost-effective SPD pedals will keep you in the thick of the action. Featuring a sealed cartridge bearing spindle to prevent water and mud ingress so you can spin smoothly for longer, Shimano's M520 Clipless SPD MTB Pedals also include an open design to shred..
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Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD005068
Shimano M424 Clipless SPD MTB Pedals

Amazing low priced SPD pedal for all round use including tough Freeride and off-road use. Lightweight and supportive pedal with high impact resin cage for greater foot stability.


Dual-sided pop-up bindings that position the body at 12.5 degrees angle..
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Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD003753
Shimano R540 SPD-SL Clipless Road PedalsThese Shimano SPD-SL pedals are a cost-effective and practical entry to clipless road pedals. Whether these are your first SPD-SL pedals or a replacement set, they are reliable and heavy-duty. The wide pedal platform offers improved stability, the cartridge ax..
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Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD003755
The Shimano PD-ED500 SPD pedals at Deore level with integrated pedal cage are also suitable for use on road, fitness or sports bikes. Thus, you can enjoy the flexibility of MTB shoes. A larger contact area and a click mechanism on both sides offer a safe feeling.Sealed compact bearing unitCroMo axle..
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