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Πετάλια πλατφόρμα ή κουμπωτά για όλους τους τύπους ποδηλάτου. Με ανοιχτά ή κλειστά ρουλεμάν, με αντιολισθητικό σύστημα με ακίδες ή χωρίς, συμβατά με καλουπιέδες ή με δέστρα ανάλογα με τον τύπο ποδηλάτου και το είδος ποδηλασίας. Τα κουμπωτά πετάλια προσφέρουν καλύτερη εκγύμναση του ποδιού και καλύτερη δύναμη στο πετάλι, αλλά χρειάζονται ειδικό παπούτσι και εκαπαίδευση. Για τα ποδήλατα βουνού προτείνονται τα πιο φαρδιά πετάλια με ακίδες. Προσοχή το σπείρωμα στο αριστερό πετάλι είναι ανάποδο απο το δεξί, αναζητείστε τις ενδείξεις L & R.
Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD005071
Shimano XT M8000 XC Race PedalsThese Shimano XT M8000 XC Race Pedals are designed to take the rigours of off-road competition whilst also being perfect for cross-country trail riding. Lightweight and robust, these SPD race pedals have an easy entry system with customisable tension so you can tailor ..
Ex Tax:82€
Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD005069
Shimano R550 SPD-SL Clipless Road PedalsThese Shimano R550 SPD-SL Clipless Road Pedals offer a lot of performance at an entry-level price point. Designed with a low profile, these SPD-SL cleats are easy to clip into and provide a stable platform to push power through your bike's transmission. At onl..
Ex Tax:65€
Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD005067
Shimano M520 Clipless SPD MTB PedalsThese cost-effective SPD pedals will keep you in the thick of the action. Featuring a sealed cartridge bearing spindle to prevent water and mud ingress so you can spin smoothly for longer, Shimano's M520 Clipless SPD MTB Pedals also include an open design to shred..
Ex Tax:39€
Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD005068
Shimano M424 Clipless SPD MTB Pedals

Amazing low priced SPD pedal for all round use including tough Freeride and off-road use. Lightweight and supportive pedal with high impact resin cage for greater foot stability.


Dual-sided pop-up bindings that position the body at 12.5 degrees angle..
Ex Tax:48€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003766
BRN MTB Force Pedals BlackForged AluminiumB.B. 9/16” AxleWeight: 270 gr.(10 x 6,4 cm) ..
Ex Tax:23€
Brand: UNION Κωδικός: PD003703
Union R Pedals - Retro Steel B.B. 9/16” axle Dimensions: 10 x 7 cm Weight: 540 gr...
Ex Tax:12€
Brand: UNION Κωδικός: PD003833
Union R PedalsSteel B.B. 9/16” axle Approved reflectorsDimensions: 11,8 x 7,8 cmWeight: 566 gr...
Ex Tax:11€
Brand: UNION Κωδικός: PD003831
Union Holland PedalsSteel B.B. 9/16” axle Approved reflectorsDimensions: 11,7 x 7,6 cmWeight: 563 gr...
Ex Tax:11€
Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD003753
Shimano R540 SPD-SL Clipless Road PedalsThese Shimano SPD-SL pedals are a cost-effective and practical entry to clipless road pedals. Whether these are your first SPD-SL pedals or a replacement set, they are reliable and heavy-duty. The wide pedal platform offers improved stability, the cartridge ax..
Ex Tax:51€
Brand: SHIMANO Κωδικός: PD003755
The Shimano PD-ED500 SPD pedals at Deore level with integrated pedal cage are also suitable for use on road, fitness or sports bikes. Thus, you can enjoy the flexibility of MTB shoes. A larger contact area and a click mechanism on both sides offer a safe feeling.Sealed compact bearing unitCroMo axle..
Ex Tax:43€
Brand: RITCHEY Κωδικός: PD003749
The perfect gravel bike pedal is back.Standard road pedals and cleats will get jammed with rocks and mud, and mountain bike pedals are heavier and offer less cornering clearance, which is critical when combined with a road bike's lower bottom bracket height. Enter Tom Ritchey's personal favorite ped..
Ex Tax:161€
Brand: RITCHEY Κωδικός: PD003747
Lightweight and durableRitchey's world-beating Paradigm pedal has been redesigned from the ground up. Its new engagement system with a fixed front claw now provides one of the best-in-class entry and release behavior and excellent mud-shedding characteristics. The axle system has been revamped for e..
Ex Tax:141€
Brand: RITCHEY Κωδικός: PD003746
The WCS Trail pedal packs in all the design upgrades as the new WCS XC, but adds a forged alloy cage for a larger footprint and even greater stability.Specifications:Application: MTB All Mountain, EnduroType: clipless pedalsPedal System: RitcheyTechnical Information:Body Material: aluminium, forgedA..
Ex Tax:158€
Brand: RITCHEY Κωδικός: PD003744
Ritchey Comp Trail PedalRitchey's Comp Trail pedals feature a large platform to increase contact with your Mountain Bike shoes, ensuring you've got ultimate stability no matter how rough the trail gets. They also have a slim profile that ensures a low axle-cleat height, meaning efficient engagement ..
Ex Tax:60€
Brand: RITCHEY Κωδικός: PD003742
The Comp version of Ritchey's world-beating Paradigm pedal has been redesigned from the ground, up. New engagement system provides best-in-class entry and release and excellent mud-shedding characteristics. The revamped axle system offers even greater bearing life, and a wider body improves stabilit..
Ex Tax:56€
Brand: LOOK Κωδικός: PD003769
Look Keo Classic 3 Road PedalsLook's Classic 3 Road Pedals are simple to use, you can adjust the cleat entry/release tension to low for an easy clip out while the large and wide contact surface provides excellent pedalling stability.Adding stability, these Classic 3 Pedals have CrMo spindles with mi..
Ex Tax:49€
Brand: LOOK Κωδικός: PD003770
The Blade body and blade are built from composite material. This substance makes the production of a range of less rigid blades possible   – 08 to 12 -, for a cleat engagement and release feel that falls between a metal spring and a carbon blade pedal. The Blade brings together all the ben..
Ex Tax:97€
Brand: WELLGO Κωδικός: PD003773
Fixed/Bmx PRO PedalsAluminium body with 9/16” axle Features 11 replaceable antislip pins Weight: 360 gr...
Ex Tax:20€
Brand: LOOK Κωδικός: PD003768
THE NEW KEO 2 MAX IS THE PRODUCT THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE CONFIDENCE YOU NEED TO GO BEYOND YOUR PERSONAL LIMITS. The LOOK design team has completely remodeled the shape of the KEO 2 MAX, giving it a new, slimmed down line yet a wider contact surface, increasing its style and efficiency.OPTIMIZED ..
Ex Tax:77€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003790
Dual Function Pedals Aluminium body and cage CrMo B.B. 9/16” spindleSPD compatible cleats Dimensions: 11 x 6,5 cm Weight: 480 gr...
Ex Tax:31€
Brand: CRANKBROTHERS Κωδικός: PD003739
Crankbrothers Eggbeater 1 MTB PedalsThe Eggbeater 1 pedal provides race quality performance with Crank Brother's four-sided entry and minimalism. So perfect, it's functional art.Features:Stamped steel body and inner wing with steel spindle add strength and stability without a weight penaltyLow-profi..
Ex Tax:56€
Brand: CRANKBROTHERS Κωδικός: PD003740
Crankbrothers Candy 1 MTB PedalsThe Candy 1 pedal provides quick clips and platform strength for all-mountain riding. Crank Brother's four-sided entry inside a two-sided platform sheds mud like a charm and lets you ride trouble-free all day.Features:Polycarbonate body, stainless sleeve and steel spi..
Ex Tax:56€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003702
BRN Gripper Pedals Polypropylene Body Aluminium cage - B.B. 9/16” axle(10,1 x 8,1 cm) - Weight: 215 gr...
Ex Tax:12€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003765
BRN Race Pedals Aluminium body9/16” AxleCleats included Dimensions: 8,7 x 9,1 cm Weight: 329 gr...
Ex Tax:40€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003780
BRN Non-Slip Pedals Plastic body9/16” axle Aluminium non-slip top Dimensions: 10 x 8,7 cm Weight: 400 gr...
Ex Tax:26€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003774
BRN Non-Slip Pedals Plastic body9/16” axle Sand paper non-slip top Dimensions: 10 x 8,7 cm Weight: 350 gr...
Ex Tax:18€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003764
BRN MTB Pedals Aluminium forged body CrMo B.B. 9/16”Axle SPD Cleats included Dimensions: 8 x 4,9 cm Weight: 275 gr...
Ex Tax:40€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003704
Folding pedals luxFully aluminium body and plastic cage with non-slip rubber layer9/16” axleDimensions: 9 x 7 cm Weight: 436 gr...
Ex Tax:20€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003709
BRN Gravel Dual Function Pedals Aluminium forged bodyCrMo B.B. 9/16”AxleSPD Cleats includedDimensions: 8,8 x 9,4 cm Weight: 340 gr...
Ex Tax:46€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003688
BRN Dual Function Pedals with toeclipAluminium bodyNylon cageCrMo 9/16” spindle on bearings SPD compatible Cleats Included Dimensions: 11,4 x 15,9 cm Weight: 724 gr...
Ex Tax:50€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003788
BRN Dual Function Clip in/outAluminium Body and Cage CrMo B.B. 9/16” AxleSPD Cleats included Dimensions: 10,5 x 6,3 cm Weight: 322 gr...
Ex Tax:41€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003710
BRN Carbon Kite Pedal GraphiteCrMo axle 9/16”Feat. 8 antislip replaceable pins Dimensions: 10,9 x 10x h1,5 cm Weight: 235,60 gr...
Ex Tax:36€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003810
BRN Urban Pedals Aluminium Body and CageB.B. 9/16” axle Dimensions: 10,9 x 8 x h2,8 cm Weight: 295 gr. (Reflectors included)..
Ex Tax:17€
Brand: BRN Κωδικός: PD003760
BRN Pedals STREET Black Aluminium body and cage B.B. 9/16” axle(10,2 x 6,5 x h2,8 cm)Weight: 405 gr. (Reflectors included)..
Ex Tax:19€
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