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Τιμόνια από διάφορα υλικά, με διαφορετικές προδιαγραφές, βάρη και μήκη. Σε δύο βασικές διαστάσεις σύμφωνα με την στήριξη στον λαιμό 25.4mm, 31.8mm. Τα γυριστά τιμόνια ταιριάζουν μόνο σε ποδήλατα Road Race, Comfort.
Brand: BLB Κωδικός: PD005674
A new generation of bull bar with slightly curved-in arms, the Eastwood bar will keep your agile and aerodynamic to dart through traffic. • 25.4mm clamp • 370mm wide • 23.8mm bar diameter • 21.0mm internal bar diameter • 226g..
Ex Tax:27€
Brand: BLB Κωδικός: PD005327
Building on the successes of the BLB Bullhorn and drawing inspiration from Aero Base Bars used in pursuit races. The BLB Aerobar has flattened “tops” that rest comfortably in your palms and help you slice through the wind at top seed, whilst the narrow width helps you slice through traffic. Perfect..
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Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005214
Master of black and white, and representational leading figure of the mid-1990s underground movement in San Francisco, Giant is internationally known for his graffiti, his skateboards, his tattoos and the immacolate precision of his graphics. For the last two years he has been working on an ongoing ..
Ex Tax:610€
RAM3 CARBON Handlebar
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005214
Ram Ram Ram. Never two without three. The shapes of the Ram have been slightly modified and the result is an even more aggressive product, something between a Manta Ray and Formula One. The palm section on the tops of the handlebar has now been reduced by 6%, and the ergonomic zones on the underside..
Ex Tax:610€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005222
VAI LINE HANDLEBARNew Aluminium 6061 T6 handlebar with shallow PPA drops and ergonomic top. Suitable for those cyclists who enjoy a more comfortable high position but also for those who ride more aggressively grabbing the drops.Width c/c: 40-42-44 cmBulge: 31,8 mmWeight: 330g (42 cm)Material: 6061 T..
Ex Tax:31€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005227
PISTA HandlebarStarting from the most famous handlebar in the track’s golden age of the 6 days, we’ve re-designed and re-shaped the lines that made the history of cycling. The new Pista bar is also suitable for fixies thanks to the extended cylindrical shape of its central part (130 mm/size 42) whic..
Ex Tax:61€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005216
New Carbon/Aluminum ultra high performance and super light pro line. The monocoque Carbon fiber handlebar is exceptionally light and reactive thanks to the drop created according to the PPA concept (Progressive Parabolic Action) that allows a perfect hand grip.Material: monocoque carbon fiber HM Coa..
Ex Tax:219€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005215
The central area is wider and slopes outward creating an optimum grip point, more comfortable thanks to the new cable internal routing. (Palm Zone).The height of the drop is shorter so that the lower part of the drop can be easily rea- ched. The brake lever is very close and a particular shape under..
Ex Tax:217€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005232
Bullhorn bar made from cold-drawn tapered 6061 T6 aluminium custom double-butted according to our specific needs for extremely high strength and fatigue resistance. Slightly flattened top section for greater grip and control. It’s 40° sweep horns facilitate maximum leverage in accelerations.Material..
Ex Tax:46€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005219
New high performance extra light Aluminum team line. The super lightweight handlebar is realized by a triple-butted tube 7050 T76 alloy, subjected to a special treatment of “overaging” which ensures strength and corrosion resistance. The shallow PPA drop is bended outward of 7° and allows a safe and..
Ex Tax:85€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005231
Slightly sweeped bar (5°) made from cold-drawn and tapered 6061 T6 aluminium alloy custom double-butted according to our specific needs for extremely high strength and fatigue resistance in the urban use.CINELLI WAND HandlebarMaterial: aluminium alloy 6061 T6 with double thickness Diameter cent..
Ex Tax:40€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005233
Every inch of this bar has been designed and engeneered to obtain a multitude of comfortable and secure positions.It’s the focus of each Cinelli handlebar, and to achieve it we used the most suitable technology: hydroforming. Rise, angle and lenght of the extensions, shaped underside for an ergonomi..
Ex Tax:97€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005266
The Cinelli Criterium 65 handlebar returns for those fans who want to revive the thrill of the sprint, always full throttle on their pedals. This is the historical bar of choice for countless track and time trials races. The 6061 Aluminum from which this bar is made allows it to pass the recent qual..
Ex Tax:62€
Brand: CINELLI Κωδικός: PD005225
nother glory of the past years strikes back onto the scene with the Cinelli 64 Giro d’Italia handlebar. The bar suited to all road racing needs. Its new material allows it to overcome the most severe test of the new European standards.Material: aluminium 6061 T6 Coating: Milky anodized Weight: 280 g..
Ex Tax:67€
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